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St George Dental Surgery

Do you have an oral problem that requires immediate surgical attention? When it comes to extensive dental procedures, Red Cliffs Dental is the practice to visit in St. George. Dr. Olsen offers quality care to address your oral condition – whether it’s an impacted wisdom tooth or a serious case of gum problem.

Personalized Treatment for Every Patient

We understand that every patient has specific needs when it comes to their oral health. To ensure patients receive the recommended oral care solution, Dr. Olsen devises a personalized treatment plan. He will conduct a thorough evaluation of your mouth and teeth to determine the scope of the required treatment. Dr. Olsen also discusses treatment options, so you can know more about available solutions for your condition.

Sedation Dentistry for Comfort

At Red Cliffs Dental, we strive to make patients feel comfortable and at ease when it comes to treatment. We offer sedation dentistry to provide patients a pain-free dental experience when they get dental surgery in St George. Dr. Olsen provides sedation treatment to both children and adults; he is caring, gentle, and friendly to his patients. He is also one of the few dentists in Utah who have licensing and anesthesia training to perform different sedation modalities:

• IV Sedation
• Sedation for Kids
• Nitrous Oxide

Your Wellbeing is Our Priority

If there’s an oral problem, Red Cliffs Dental will find a way to address it. Contact us if you have questions about St George dental surgery. Schedule your dental appointment with Dr. Olsen today.

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