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Same-Day Dental Crowns in St. George, UT

Same-Day Service with E4D Crowns

Everyone wants same-day service combined with quality if it is possible. With E4D same-day crowns, you get the benefits of all-ceramic crowns, and a perfect computerized fit combined with the convenience of just one visit.

Dr. Olsen makes your E4D same-day crowns using computer and laser imaging technology. We simply scan your teeth using a laser, creating an image that is sent to a milling unit in the next room. The in-house milling unit creates a porcelain crown that blends with the surrounding teeth.

For More than Just Convenience

E4D same-day crowns save time, but they also save teeth. In the past, dentists placed temporary crowns on the tooth for two to three weeks while you waited for your new crown. These temporary teeth could cause added tooth sensitivity, pain, or even breaking. E4D same-day crowns eliminate the need for temporary crowns all together, making porcelain crowns more comfortable as well as convenient.

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Now that you know more about the Red Cliffs Dental philosophy, find out first-hand how it feels. Contact us today to learn more about how you can experience the excellent service and dental care. We have many regular patients from Salt Lake to Las Vegas.

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