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Be Calm with Sedation Dentistry in St. George, UT

IV sedation dentistry puts your fears to rest!

If the thought of dental care makes you anxious and afraid, Dr. Olsen can help. He offers intravenous (IV) sedation dentistry. Twilight sleep safely puts you in a tranquil state of mind so you can stay comfortable throughout your treatment. You will have virtually no pain or memory of your procedure. Our St George paediatric dental specialists perform all procedures with IV sedation, so you won’t have to be nervous again and you can relax.

Dr. Olsen is one of the few dentists in southern Utah with the licensing and anesthesia training to perform IV sedation. IV sedation is a safe procedure that puts you into a tranquil, relaxed state of mind so you will feel removed from what is going on, feel virtually no pain and have little or no memory of your treatment.

Sedation for Kids

Anxious children can have extensive treatment benefits from sedation so they can complete their treatment and have a relaxing experience in one short visit. This can usually be done for under $150! Dr. Olsen has been sedating children for almost 20 years and kids love coming back to play in the arcade.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

“Happy Gas” is also available for those that just want to relax during their procedure and need to be able to drive home.

Contact us if you have questions about Kids dental Services. Schedule your dental appointment with our St George paediatric dental specialists today.

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